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23 Feb 2024

Crypto Investors Join BlockDAG Presale for Secure 5000% ROI Amid BNB’s Portal Launch and DeeStream Presale

Binance's Launchpool platform is gearing up to introduce Portal (PORTAL), a cross-chain gaming project aimed at expanding Web 3.0's player base. Concurrently, DeeStream's Presale seeks to lead in web3 by embracing full decentralization, despite concerns over execution clarity.

Amidst these developments, the BlockDAG Network emerges, boasting a highly innovative security approach and significantly lower electricity consumption compared to BTC and KAS.

Binance Launches PORTAL on Launchpool

Binance will launch Portal (PORTAL) on its Launchpool platform, a cross-chain gaming project aiming to bring more players to Web 3.0. Users can stake BNB and FDUSD for seven days starting Feb 22, farming PORTAL tokens. Trading begins on Feb. 29 with BTC, and BNB trading pairs alongside USDT, FDUSD, and TRY pairs.

Earlier, Pixels (PIXEL) on the Ronin blockchain dominated BNB trading, thanks to its NFT-based farming. Binance has been enjoying the intersection of cryptocurrency and gaming, attracting enthusiasts and investors alike.

BlockDAG Network Pours 5000% Returns

The BlockDAG Network utilizes highly innovative security measures, employing a cutting-edge hybrid consensus system that significantly impedes any single entity from controlling the majority of hashing power. This is accomplished through the use of encryption standards that surpass even the SHA-256 algorithm used by Bitcoin, demonstrating BlockDAG's ability to maintain security while conserving resources. Its mining approach consumes far less electricity compared to other prominent cryptocurrencies like BTC and KAS.

BlockDAG Coin's recent presale has sparked significant excitement in the cryptocurrency community. With over a billion BDAG coins already sold, the project has amassed more than $1.5 million in funding. The launch price is set to increase to $0.05 per coin as Batch 45 approaches, promising a remarkable return on investment for early adopters who bought tokens at $0.001 each. This marks an astonishing 5000% return on investment for early backers, highlighting the importance of timely investment as Batch 2 nears its end.

Breaking Down DeeStream

The DeeStream Presale aims to lead the way in web3 by embracing full decentralization, but its execution lacks clarity. Despite a promising market, with 23% of global live content viewing and 42% of US residents engaging in live streaming, concerns have surfaced. While streamer account creation appears straightforward, questions linger regarding fee structures and governance. Furthermore, although the platform offers crypto rewards, it lacks transparency and security audits, leading to investor skepticism.

Keep in mind

In conclusion, as Binance's Launchpool platform prepares to introduce Portal (PORTAL) and DeeStream's Presale strives to lead in web3, the emergence of the BlockDAG Network adds a layer of innovation to the cryptocurrency landscape. With its advanced security measures and eco-friendly mining approach, BlockDAG sets a new standard in the industry. These developments signify a dynamic shift towards more efficient and secure blockchain technologies, paving the way for a future where cryptocurrency and decentralized platforms play an increasingly integral role in our digital lives.






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