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Born in the 1980s, during the nation-building years of Singapore, the artist behind "Niceaunties" experienced a childhood shaped by the influential women in their family. From infancy to the age of nine, they lived with grandparents, aunties, and uncles while their parents worked.

"Niceaunties" was conceived as a response to these experiences. Utilizing AI, the artist created a surreal world where every suppressed being could exist freely and without judgment. "Niceaunties" represents the collective subconscious of all 'aunties,' celebrating self-love, risk-taking, fun, and freedom through self-expression. It provides a unique perspective on endearing, absurd, and sometimes negative behaviors. It serves as a commentary on societal norms imposed on women and the efforts women make to conform to these expectations. "Niceaunties" is a gentle yet powerful rebellion against these constraints.

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