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29 Feb 2024

Eledator - Revolutionary Copy Trading Platform or Scam?

An investment platform named Eledator, headquartered in the UK and operating as a subsidiary of the US-based entity with the same name, provides a platform for investors to manage their finances with a fiduciary duty. It notably employs an automatic trade copying mechanism, deriving insights from over 50 indicators and its proprietary BTCF13 algorithm.

Eledator has garnered attention for its investments within the DeFi sector, including its involvement with Aptos, and its recent acquisition of a 5% stake in the Arbitrum issuance. This platform has attracted interest with its reported 300% growth over a few months, prompting questions about its operations and offerings.

It is highlighted that individuals globally have the opportunity to invest with Eledator, with a minimum investment requirement set at $100. The platform categorizes traders into three groups, with returns ranging between 30% to 60% per month, whereby the return percentage is contingent upon the invested amount, necessitating a minimum of $20,000 to achieve the highest returns.

An attractive feature of Eledator is its affiliate program, allowing individuals to augment their income by inviting others, thus fostering a structured partnership within the company. The company aims to bring on board premier partners globally, aspiring to curate an enticing affiliate program.

To validate some of the company's claims, a series of checks were conducted:

1) Verifying its official registration and the declaration of £5,000,000 in statutory capital for an insurance fund for investors, it was confirmed through the UK's Companies Registration House that the company is duly registered with the stated capital.

2) Inquiry into their customer service revealed a notable waiting time over the phone, nearly ten minutes before a response, although quicker interactions were noted through their website chat. Despite this, the customer support was accommodating and informative, extending an invitation to their London office for a more personal discussion.

3) Efforts to uncover negative reviews about Eledator yielded no substantial evidence of dissatisfaction among its users, aside from some questionable negative feedback seemingly promoting rival platforms, attributed to competitive tactics.

4) Conversations with over 10 traders and 7 affiliates of the company reflected a positive consensus regarding their experiences and collaboration with Eledator, underscoring a general satisfaction with the platform's performance and opportunities.

In summary, while some operational aspects such as customer support responsiveness could be enhanced – largely attributed to the surge in new user registrations – Eledator presents as a viable platform for passive crypto earnings. It appeals to a broad spectrum of users, from investors looking to leverage idle crypto assets, traders in search of a platform to showcase their expertise, to those in affiliate marketing seeking a reliable and profitable program.


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