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29 Feb 2024

Crypto Investors Move to BlockDAG Network For 5000% ROI Amid Dipping Shiba Inu Prediction and Mollar Presale

Investors are watching other possible coins due to the unfavourable Shiba Inu price prediction. The potential of the Mollars presale to offer investors a deflationary store-of-value coin has attracted interest.

Despite the dissatisfaction with the underperforming Shiba Inu token, fresh hope has surfaced as a rapidly gaining traction as a presale alternative to BlockDAG Coin (BDAG) for its unparalleled speed, security, and scalability. BlockDAG’s design grants it a confirmation speed of 10 blocks a second, which is 6000 times faster than Bitcoin’s speed of one block every ten minutes.

The Potential of Mollar Presale

Because Mollars is a decentralised network, its governance system is transparent and autonomous. Investors are empowered by this community-driven strategy, which also promotes confidence in the project's development and decision-making procedures. Beyond just being a store of value tokens, the new initiative wants to be far more.

To strengthen its brand further, Mollars intends to introduce a new decentralised cryptocurrency exchange on May 1st, following its initial coin offering (ICO). Because of its unique value proposition and exclusivity in the competitive cryptocurrency market, Mollars stand apart. Scarcity is a significant element, with a total supply restricted at 10 million tokens, which is less than half of Bitcoin's supply. Additionally, presale investors have already received 40% of the tokens, which increases their scarcity and potential worth.

The Bearish Signals of Shiba Inu Price Prediction

SHIB saw an 11% increase in February, which was rather outstanding. Nevertheless, the performance of the second-largest memecoin in the world by market capitalisation is unimpressive when considering the bigger picture. $SHIB has dropped by around 30% year to year and hasn't risen beyond the $0.000015 region. The asset is slightly down in the last 24 hours and trades at $0.00001372.

Shiba Inu's year-long losses have become even more bitter because the layer-2 blockchain, "Shibarium," introduced on August 16, 2023, could not stop the company's decline. More than 60% of SHIB investors have experienced financial losses while holding the coin, according to statistics from IntoTheBlock. Worrisomely, for the approximately 402,000 addresses containing SHIB to break even, the token must reach at least $0.000028.

BlockDAG Network Starts A Worldwide Flurry

BlockDAG differs from traditional proof-of-work (PoW) consensus techniques because it uses a hybrid consensus approach to address many significant problems in decentralised networks. Its primary goal is to increase transaction security and efficiency. Unlike the Nakamoto consensus, BlockDAG's DAG technology offers protection against 51% of attacks by removing orphan blocks and boosting throughput.

Its objective depends on finding a solution to the decentralisation problem, which promotes high security and scalability. BlockDAG is split into four main phases per its roadmap: launch, development, prelaunch, and final.  The path of BlockDAG is well-planned, striking a balance between ambition and accuracy to deliver more than 5000x ROIs when the project hits the market.

The coin is currently in presale batch 2 trading at $0.0015. BlockDAGhas already raised over $2 million in its ongoing presale.

Join the Movement and Keep Watching

Despite Shiba Inu price prediction’s bearish signals, it has discovered community support in its trying times. Mollers Presale’s transparency makes it a promising project, but BlockDAG stands out because its distinct hybrid consensus addresses significant issues in decentralised networks.

BDAG is well-positioned to impact and achieve more than 5000x ROIs when the project launches. BlockDAG Coin is a profitable choice when investors search for options since it provides cutting-edge technology, various revenue streams, and a successful growth path. 

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