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Taboo (TABOO)

Taboo (TABOO)

$0.001623 (-15.74 %)
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Market cap
$16 714 470
Volume (24h)
$1 085 763
9 782 678 080 (Max)
9 782 678 080 (Available)

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Taboo, a community lead project launches a deflationary meme BEP-20 token with its Adult entertainment NFT marketplace. It has a built-in static rewards program where holders earn passively through the tax distribution to token holders.

TABOO is an entertainment and media-based blockchain tech project utilizing NFTs to create an exciting future. The community is driven blockchain technology project is utilizing NFTs to create an excited and most importantly happy long-term holder. It’s a deflationary meme token bringing exclusive never-seen-before uncensored NFT content from the adult world exclusively for the community members. The project is also going to deploy its own NFT marketplace based on adult entertainment content without depending on any third party.

TABOO understands that the fundamentals of a successful coin have to be MARKETING! Thus the project has been developed to bring in the community interest. The increased interestCryptocurrencyency has given rise to several crypto phenomena, the most prominent being community-driven meme tokens and the craze around non-fungible tokens (NFT). Taboo brings the best of both worlds with its deflator meme coin along with an NFT platform that offers the opportunity to one and all.

Until now meme currencies were seen only as a meme with no real value or use case, however that has changed significantly this bull season, as being a community-driven project these are not just truly decentralized, but the community can lead to many new use cases be it as a form of payment or using it for staking to earn passive rewards. Similarly, NFTs are not a new phenomenon and have been in the space for over 2 years now. Until now its use case was limited to being used as a fan token for different sports clubs and video game in-game memorabilia. However, this increased interest & popularity has exploded to become the favourite of many mainstream artists and investors, who are very keen to be part of this phenomenon.
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