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Firo (FIRO)

Firo (FIRO)

$1.97 (2.73 %)
฿0.00003173 (3.27 %)
Market cap
$26 406 650
Volume (24h)
$2 472 632
21 400 000 (Max)
13 414 988 (Available)

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Firo formerly known as Zcoin, is a privacy focused cryptocurrency that utilizes zero-knowledge proofs which allows users to destroy coins and then redeem them later for brand new ones with no transaction history.
Our research created the Lelantus privacy protocol which supports high anonymity sets without requiring trusted setup and relying only on standard cryptographic assumptions. The Lelantus cryptographic library was audited by Trail of Bits and funded by Firo's CCS. Lelantus' cryptography was also audited by ABDK Consulting.
Firo also utilises Dandelion++ to obscure the originating IP of transactions without relying on any external services such as Tor/i2P.
Firo developed and utilizes Merkle Tree Proofs (MTP) as its Proof-of-Work algorithm which aims to be memory hard with fast verification to encourage mining using commodity hardware.
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